Sunday, 2 September 2012


No progress on the build this weekend. A new addition to the family has occupied all available time today.

I did manage a great day at Donnington Park yesterday though. There were many Zeros on show both on the GBS stand and also in the RHOCar enclosure. Managed to speak to a number of Zero builders, all keen to explain the hows and whys. I really do like this aspect of kit car building. 
You may have seen from earlier posts that I have been trying to decide how I should finish the exterior of my car. I decided this weekend thanks to the Donnington show. I spoke with 2 owners who had polished their aluminium panels, and was able to see the end result and talk to them about how it was achieved. I learned that Auto Glym Metal Polish is the stuff to use. Having tried it today I agree. It doesn't produce the mirror effect I came close to with specialist metal polishes and power tools, but occupies an understated middle ground between high polish and the brushed matt. The problem I had with the high sheen was three fold: firstly it was very effort intensive; secondly it would be difficult to get a consistent finish across such a large area; and finally it would never be a stainless steel finish, so it would always look like a scratched version of stainless to the novice eye. Decision made.
I also picked up a battery isolation switch from the show. I am not looking to install it so that I can go racing, but as a security feature under the dash somewhere.

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