Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Scuttle fitting

With the lessons learned from forming the back panel, now almost forgotten, it is time to take on the scuttle. On the surface this doesn't look as daunting as the rear panel as you do have datum points to work to namely the firewall panel and the dashboard panel. Both have the correct final shape of the scuttle as an integral part of their construction.
But first you need to carefully bend back each of the tabs on the firewall and dashboard panel so that each tab lies flat. If you leave the tabs protruding then the scuttle will take on this irregular profile. I used a vice, my fingers to bend the tab, and a hammer to ensure that the profile was smooth and consistent.
The chassis needs three rivnuts each side to accept the lower edges of the scuttle. Having secured them in place, I fixed one end of the scuttle and formed the scuttle panel over the firewall using the tabs to clamp as I went. The shape was not too difficult to create by hand using the firewall and dashboard panel as templates. I hope the bonnet lines up.
With the rough shape now formed in the scuttle panel, the riveting of the front edge can be done without the need to have the scuttle secured to the car. The objective here is to rivet the scuttle and dash panel together in a manner that will not look too ugly from the driving seat. The way most do it (me no exception here) is to use countersunk rivets very close to the front lip of the panel which are then covered by a black plastic trim.
As you can see from the photo, I drilled and clecoed from the centre outward. Then countersunk with an old 9mm drill bit on either side before riveting. In order to get the trim in place and to have the trim look half decent, I ground the backs off each rivet flush with the panel. Before I fixed the final position and shape of the scuttle I wanted to check the fit of the dash in situ. This required a small amount of reshaping with the Dremel around the steering column, but other than that it went in without fuss and with a reasonably good fit.

At GBS they have a jig to form the scuttle, but I am using the car itself. The final step is to bond the joint between the scuttle and the firewall with black glue. A heavy application from the inside, and then clamp everything in position while it cures. I do hope the bonnet fits !!!

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