Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Finally Registered

Two weeks ago Ruth@GBS sent me my registration paperwork. I haven't had time to blog the fact because I have been out driving :-). 

I've now done 250 miles getting a feel for the car and how it performs - and boy does it perform !! It's potential for speed is far greater than my skill to control it at the moment, but I'm learning with every drive how the chassis reacts to power whilst cornering, how the wind can suffocate you over 80, how the front tyres pick up anything from the road surface and hurl it in your general direction, but more importantly the forgotten thrill of an open top sports car - superb !!

There are some niggles that I will need to get around to fixing - but only when its raining. Namely the IACV is not working. I don't think it ever has worked properly. The windscreen wipers stopped working the first time they jammed on the top of the screen. Other than that all is well and running sweetly.


  1. Result Paul .. congrats on finishing the car!

  2. Well done Paul, Looks good, I've only got about 2 weeks work left on mine then its off to GBS for Simon to work his magic and pass the IVA.