Monday, 30 July 2012

Foot well and rear seat panels

Just got back from Lanzarote: 30 degrees plus each day, clear blue skies and a nice breeze. Landed at Birmingham: 16 degrees, grey skies and rain. Great to be back.
... but whilst it's raining there is always work to be done in the garage :-)

Spent a few hours today, drilling, de-burring and riveting the foot well panels for both drivers and passenger sides as well as the rear panel. 

Cleaned down each panel and frame with white spirit after de-burring, before laying a bead of "black glue" along the chassis to cover each hole. Once riveted, I also added a bead of "black glue" around the inner seam to ensure the panels are a water-tight as can be. Where the panels don't fit snuggly around the chassis, then I filled the gap with "black glue" also. If this looks ugly when dry I will remove it and try something else. 

I only riveted the flat chassis rails on the back panel and have chosen to simply use the "black glue" for the circular rails. I only riveted the central portion of the left and right edges of the back panel. The reason being that drilling into the corners without a right-angle drill attachment is pretty much impossible, and with all of the other rivets and cement, these extra rivets will not add anything substantial to the stiffness of the rear end.

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