Sunday, 1 July 2012


Managed to get it all into the garage last night before taking the van back and between heavy showers. Getting the engine off the van and across a flower bed was something to be seen, noy probably not for this blog.

This is what it looked like this morning.....

Time for a very large coffee and some planning. Where to put all this stuff and still have room to build?

Spent the next few hours putting the stuff not needed for a while in the shed and re-visiting the contents of the many boxes. Arranged into some logical order and labelled the boxes with contents to make life a little easier - a bit OCD but satisfying to know where things are.

With some space to work I decidied to start the first build task - the diff. Richard@GBS told me to get the bottom long bolt in first, followed by the front two and then the top long bolt. Great advice, but the spacers were very slightly too large. Maybe the powder coat, maybe a bit of flex in the chassis. Nothing a few strokes of the file couldn't correct. A fiddly job for one person, but with the weight of the diff taken by the engine hoist it was manageable.

Still a couple of things to do before the diff is complete:

  1. torque up the bolts once I find the torque settings
  2. add a differential rear stabiliser bolt & spacer as it was not supplied (needs a 40mm M8 and spacer)

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