Sunday, 16 December 2012

Near-side Panel and Suspension

Nothing much to say about the near-side that hasn't already been said for the off-side. The side panel went on fine - with a bit of fettling where it meets the back panel as I decided to build the back before the front. The suspension went back together without issue including IVA covers.

Whilst I had an open (and warm) tube of "black-glue" I thought I would bond the inner side panels. I decided not to rivet - these panels are not for strength or rigidity.


  1. Hi there, nice to meet you yesterday at GBS. Finding you blog very helpful at the moment, great photo's !. My blog will be updated later on this week when a few more jobs have been completed. Blog name is "Bill's Zero Build" under my blogspot link...

    All the best with finishing your build and hopefully see you at a track day in the near future.


    1. Great to meet you Bill. Hope you and your family enjoy the Christmas festivities. Don't feel obligated to spending too much time in the garage - remember that the journey is as important as the finishing point!!