Sunday, 31 March 2013

Fluids & Wires

Whilst the car is still open and accessible, I will put the fluids in. If there are any leaks then they should be easier to resolve without the firewall and scuttle in place.

First the gearbox oil - funnel and flexible tube from above once I had found the correct plug. It is the one below the reversing switch and toward the front of the car. The capacity is 1.2L and it will start seeming out of the fill plug once it's full.

Then the engine oil - 5L of synthetic. Then the anti-freeze. Mixed 50:50 it took about 3.5L, but I expect to have to top up once all the air is expelled.

 Working from the front I then tidied and tie-wrapped the wiring harness right up to the bulk head. So the wiring is now firmly in place to the base of the firewall just below where the fusebox will be. So the next job is to sort out the wiring for the starter switch and ignition. I have chosen a savage type switch as a starter switch to match with the others - and because I quite like them. They are however, low current switches and won't cope with starter current. A relay is needed. Here is the circuit diagram I have used. I mocked it up with some spare wires to make sure the light came on in the switch when the ignition is on and that the relay fired when the button was pressed.

Here is the mess of wiring for the final starter circuit. 

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