Sunday, 24 March 2013

Front Indicators and Bonnet

The winter is still here !!
Another 6 to 8 inches in the last 48 hours, drifting to 2 feet deep around the garden. I spend yesterday morning digging out to the main road and aiding the neighbours to do the same. It's all now freezing solid so I am glad I did.

A bit cold in the garage, so I haven't managed much. I started by adding some 4mm neoprene strip to the bonnet. Should help the fit. Along with some trim around the manifold opening.

Then the front indicators. A 10mm hole on each side and on they went. Sounds simple but I did spend quite some time making sure that the hole was in the same place on either side, and that it was between 350mm and 500mm from the ground for IVA.

In order to make sure I had the indicators the correct distance above the groound I also spent some time setting the ride height: front and rear.
Front as measured to the base of the chassis behind the rear wishbone - 130mm.
Back as measured to the base of the chassis in front of the wheel - 120mm.
Then I took it all apart so I can complete the wiring, and fill with fluids before I close up all the panels

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