Sunday, 21 April 2013


Before I put the car back together for hopefully the last time, I wanted to make sure that all fluids and electrics were working as far as I could tell.
Engine oil, Diff Oil, Gearbox Oil, petrol, water and antifreeze - all in and no leaks as far as I can tell.
Now the electrics. Placed the battery on top of the chassis and connected it all up. 
Turned the ignition on: 

  • Side lights and headlights working :-)
  • Dials moved to max and back and illuminated with sidelights on :-)
  • Petrol pumps active and still no leaks :-)
  • Starter motor turns :-)
  • Volts gauge reading 12v :-)
  • Fuel gauge showing 1/8th tank :-)

I've seen enough to be reasonably confident that the major components are OK. So it's time to clear up this mess and start the final build.

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