Sunday, 28 April 2013

Scuttle and wiper mechanism

As with the rest of the brushed aluminium, I spent some time this morning polishing the scuttle before fitting. I also added the IVA plastic trim to the front and the back edges.
With the scuttle is in place, I then installed the wiper motor and gearing. I first positioned the bracket in such a way that it minimised the bend for the drive thread. Then cut the drive thread tube to fit with the wiper blade mounts. As my blades rest on the passenger side the wiper motor needs adjustment too. There is a very clear instruction sheet on the GBS kitspares website that explains how this is done. After discussing IVA rules with Richard@GBS I have decided to build the car to as complete a state as I am able. GBS will then make any necessary mods to get the cat through IVA. This includes the indicators, wipers and windscreen.

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