Friday, 3 August 2012

Final pipe routing

Tried test fitting the firewall and pedal box and encountered a frustrating problem that I know others have also encountered. In an attempt to keep the curve radius of the brake pipes as large as possible on exit from the master cylinder, the brake pipes stick out too far for the pedal box to fit around them. Unfortunately this means re-bending all of the brakes pipes throughout their full extent. Not easy when they are already bent, and not leading to a very neat final job as the pipes now have endless bends in them. This is one of those occasions when an information sheet would be very useful GBS.
Anyway, the pipes are now all re-fitted with additional clear plastic sheathing to prevent chaffing when they get close to chassis and panel corners or indeed each other as with the initial route under the steering shaft bracket.
I decided to route the fuel pipes along the drivers side of the central tunnel and the brake pipe and loom along the passenger side. The tricky bit is the route through into the rear of the car between the chassis and diff and ensuring clearance for the hand-brake cables to move unobstructed.
In the process of drilling my first rivet hole for a P-clip, I discovered that stopping the drill from wondering as I tried the pierce the chassis at an angle is very difficult even with sharp cobalt drill bits. So I made a clamp with a guide hole that I clamped onto the chassis for each hole. Made the process a great deal more predictable and much neater.
Once the nylon fuel pipes were pinned in situ, I connected them to the swirl pot in the front and low pressure pump at the back. I found a problem here with the supplied jubilee clamps. On the small diameter hose these clamps tend to distort and then the screw tends to miss the thread and fail to tighten any further. I think I will source some more and replace them. I really don't want  fuel leaks and especially ones that will potentially only become visible once the car is almost complete. Replacing them then will be much more difficult.
Finally I connected the hand brake switch terminals and brake switch terminals to the loom, as well as replacing the existing terminals for the low pressure fuel pump for the supplied spades and terminal block.


  1. HI Paul - re the pedal box cover/panels - how well does yours fit?
    I trial fitted mine to check alignment of the accelerator pivot point and it was miles off, i.e. 5-6mm too high.

  2. Rich,
    Similar story - see next post with photos