Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Trip to GBS

Took a trip to GBS this morning. I dropped my wife at McCarthur Glenn Retail Outlet on the way past, so my time at GBS needed to be brief to avoid serious credit card damage.
There were a number of items missing when I collected the kit:

  • Tyres - they had been "borrowed" for the track day
  • Brake reservoir and cap - having supply issues
  • Catalyst - although Richard@GBS  explained that he is developing a new exhaust with built in Cat which can be re-packed (I will probably swap for this when it's ready)
  • Steering column surround
  • Anti freeze
The tyres are due in by the end of this week so I took the rims up to have the tyres fitted and balanced once they have arrived. Richard@GBS has finished the development of the upgraded exhaust which includes the cat and packing in a single unit. The packing has been upgraded for better sound absorption and temperature stability and was tested thoroughly at the recent track day. I took my original exhaust back up and will replace with a new system once it's in production. There are still problems with supply of the brake reservoirs at a reasonable price. Richard@GBS has a cunning plan if this doesn't rectify itself in the short term: a standalone reservoir mounted on the bulk head with some GBS manufactured interconnect to the existing master cylinder. It will be a few weeks yet before I need this so I will wait and see. It was a similar story with the Steering Column surround although GBS did have a few "tatty" examples. Richard@GBS is working on a custom built design to make the car feel more GBS and less Ford. I decided to wait for the GBS part. The Anti-freeze had arrived, but I forgot to take it - dooh!!. I did pick up a Starter switch though.
The main reason for the trip was to ask some questions and look at examples of part built cars in the work shop. This part of the trip was very successful. I took 80 plus reference photos and came away will answers to all my questions. See "Snags" page updates.
After dragging Moira away from McCarthur Glenn and a leisurely pub lunch I did get round to doing some small jobs on the car. Whilst fetching the kit, I managed to scratch the nose cone when the gearbox moved in the back of the van. I asked Richard@GBS for his advice and he thought that the majority of the damage could be removed with 1200 grade wet & dry, followed by cutting paste and T-Cut. I followed his advice and pretty much removed it, although in a couple of places the scratch was too deep. As you can see, it is now far far better especially with the grill fitted.

 I did manage a couple of other jobs. Completed the placement of the swirl pot and high pressure fuel pump. Gave the steering column a coat of hammerite.

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