Saturday, 11 August 2012

More rear suspension

Continued building the off-side rear. Nothing torqued up yet but more to familiarise myself with how things go together using my reference photos from GBS as a guide as needed.
The chassis mounting brackets for the GAZ shocks required the holes cleaning before the bolts would fit through. Very tight fit. With the hub bracket in roughly the right position I then pushed the drive shaft into the diff, only to find that I needed to put the calliper bracket on first. The disks need to go on next followed by the calliper itself. The supplied calliper bolts look too long. If tightened I think they would actually touch the pads. I will need to shorten them by 8mm or so when I come to final fit.
Connected up the braided brake lines (long ones) and the hand brake cable so I can see the cable routings.
All looks OK so I will start on the nearside.

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