Saturday, 4 May 2013

First Engine Start

There were a number of small jobs that needed doing first. Attaching the fuse box and ECU to the firewall; routing the battery cables through the firewall; and adding a good earthing point.
Once they were complete there was no excuse as to why I couldn't turn the engine over.
I have an old laptop with a serial port so I plugged it in and turned on the ignition. GBS had emailed me the power map so I opened that and set up the Throttle Position Sensor. I decided not to use the IACV just yet to keep things simple.

I turned the key and the engine turned over but didn't fire - bugger. There are only 2 key components that an engine needs: petrol and a spark. Assuming one or both of these were missing I set about trying to analyse what was wrong. I started by disconnecting the HP fuel rail and running the fuel pumps - nothing. I was getting somewhere - no fuel. So I checked back along the fuel route back toward the tank to find the blockage / air lock. I found the problem in the connection between the red nylon pipe and fuel hose. I had missed the brass insert when tightening the jubilee clip and crushed it. Having left some play in the piping I cut the pinched pipe off the end and re-connected. This time fuel spurted from the HP fuel rail when I ran the pumps. So I put it all back together and cross my fingers for a second attempt..............

Seems like the Db rating destroyed the mic on my camera. This ones a little better.

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