Saturday, 11 May 2013

Internal tunnel panels and speedo sensor

Time to close up the transmission tunnel. First task today was to offer up the internal panels and drill for the rivets. Then edges of the drivers side panel were given a bead of black glue and the panel riveted into place. I have chosen not to rivet the upper edge as the fixings for the top covers will hold the top in place. Glue should be enough.

With the drivers side in place, the next task is to fit the speedo sensor. The sensor needs to sits 1mm-2mm above the bolt heads of the prop shaft. That's easy with plenty of access, but inside the transmission tunnel its a bit more tricky. I mounted the drivers side bracket, then positioned the sensor before making a template of where the passenger side bracket holes need to be. 

Once I had installed the passenger side panel I then used the template to drive the bracket fixings. The holes needed a little widening but only a mil or so - nothing visible.

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