Thursday, 30 May 2013

Interior Trim

Seems like I am on the home straight now. GBS have sent off the paper work to VOSA. I have the local garage arranged to move the car to Newark on Friday. Just need to finish off what I can before then. There will be a small list of things I will need to ask GBS to do for me, for example the front wheel/steering geometry, and also anything I simply don't get done by Friday. I would prefer to continue with the Friday timeline than delay if I am not quite ready.
Before I can complete the centre console the carpet needs to go in. I opted for the laser cut carpets from GBS. After sorting out where all of the bits went the installation was very straightforward. I don't think I had to trim anywhere.  Wow is that glue good. Even with the garage door wide open my head was swimming and then aching with the fumes. The carpets transform the look of the interior of the car. All of assudden it starts to look finished.
My thoughts on the centre console were to use the minimum of fixings to keep the cabin looking simple and tidy. Two for the elbow section between the hand brake and rear panel. Four for the centre section and four for the auxiliary panel. It was then I found that I needed to remove the dash to install the auxiliary panel. But only after breaking the horn switch in the process - damn. Next day delivery from Amazon- I will fix it tomorrow. With the dash out it is much easier to find the right position for the auxiliary panel and drill the holes for the rivnuts. In order to make the centre console fit properly I did need to reduce the centre panels length slightly. Not that easy as the vinyl had already been glued down. I also had to widen the gap for the handbrake lever to make space for the handbrake switch to fit through. The final job was to stick the gaiters for the handbrake and gear stick to the underside.
Next up is the chrome trim for the door openings and floor. Oddly these weren't cut to the correct lengths and required some adjustment before I could drill the 3.2mm holes for the stainless steel rivets. I am not sure about IVA for the side pieces. I haven't put any trim around them as they fit so snugly against the side panels. Fingers crossed.
Finally, and to complete the interior, the seats and seat belts. I had already cleaned the threads for the seat belt mounting points and drilled the floor pan for the seat runners, so both were fairly quick jobs.
Looks great !!!

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