Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Dip stick and sensors

A couple of other minor jobs whilst I am in that frame of mind.

Number 1 - the dip stick. Clamped the GBS extension tube in place and pushed the dip stick home. Simple as that

Number 2 - the Smiths Oil sender. There is a GBS fact sheet about this, but I found it less than helpful. It talks about an "adaptor" and there is a little brass visible in the picture between the sender and the block. As I don't have an "adaptor"and the thread on the sender seems to match that for the block I have screwed the sender straight into the block.

Number 3 - water temp sensor. Not sure about this. There are two tapped holes in the GBS elbow under the thermostat housing. I have screwed the temp sensor into the top one, but what goes into the second? Another question for Richard@GBS.

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