Saturday, 26 January 2013

Left Hand Headlamp

The temperature has started to go up a little today. Now 4 degrees and the 6 inches of snow that still remains has started to melt. I find it a welcome change to see snow on the ground. It changes the general mood, both of familiar places but also friends and family too. There has been a childish excitement over the last week or so, but I admit its wearing a little thin as times goes by.

But back to the Zero, where I managed a couple of hours before the cold got me again (whimp). I bought the new DRL (daylight running light) headlights from GBS which look great. The only minor issue is that the wiring is slightly different and as with most elements of the build, it doesn't come with instructions.
The first photo shows the lamp with the H4 halogen lamp installed. You can see the two tails for the LEDs and the 3 tails for the dip and main beam from the H4. All of the cables need to route through the hollow bolt and through a modified IVA nut cover. I had to cut down the hollow bolt to allow the nut cover to sit properly. I decided to lengthen the LED tails to the same length as the headlight leads so they would reach the connector block. 
After threading all of the cables through, I bound them with electrical tape and crimped on the spade connectors (with a bit of solder to be sure). I crimped the ground for the LEDs and the ground for the halogen lamp to the same spade connector. Trial and error with a battery then led me to the following wiring connections:

                                     Headlamp         Harness
Main Beam                   Blue                   White
Dip Beam                     Green                 Yellow
LED / side lights           Red                    Green

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