Sunday, 6 January 2013

Radiator and Fan

I spoke to GBS about the radiator fan installation. They don't bother with any brackets to hold the fan to the radiator. They simply clip it to the front and tell me it shouldn't work loose. I am a little dubious. The suspension on a zero is firm and our roads are full of potholes. 

Coincidently I received an email from an other RhoCar member who has been following this blog. He very helpfully pointed out that I had mounted the radiator to the chassis brackets using the radiator mounting brackets on the back of the radiator. Whilst this seemed logical since the holes all lined up, it turns out that the nose cone will not fit if you do this. Instead you need to use the front radiator brackets which means bending over the back ones. The radiator then fits between the chassis brackets rather that in front of them. This meant that I needed to re-size the water rails to fit, but I would rather do that now then when I come to fit the nose cone - many thanks Busby.
While I was fiddling with the radiator I decided to make a couple of small brackets to hold the fan in place. Here it all is with a little black hammerite to tidy it up.

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