Sunday, 13 January 2013

Washer Bottle and more wiring

Not much time today - and minus 3 this morning, so garage time is limited.
The washer bottle is simple job that I have been meaning to do before the engine bay became too cluttered. Ideally this can be done before the engine goes in and when there is plenty of space to swing a drill. I have mounted it on the passenger bulk head with a couple of rivnuts, slightly elevated from the floor pan to allow the water feed to loop underneath. I have also pinned the water pipe with a couple of P-clips.

I also wired up the heavy duty cables from the starter motor to the alternator and engine ground making sure that the powder coat was removed from the chassis for a good electrical connection. As with the washer bottle, this job is easier to do earlier in the build process as it gets fiddly in a cluttered engine compartment especially the alternator connector which is situated directly under the plenam :-(.

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