Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sensors - Part 2

 Before the scuttle and dash go in, I wanted to run the loom around the engine bay. I am using the GBS loom so it should be quite straight forward - assuming you understand the labels on the loom. 
The first (and simplest  is the connector to the coli pack - it can't fit anywhere else, but you do need to remove the coil pack to fit it as it is so close to the water rail elbow.

The next one took a little detective work. TPS is obviously throttle position sensor, but the connector on the GBS loom doesn't match the connector on the throttle. Then I found the adaptor cable.

 The Crank sensor was a guess. I think it goes here.
 To be honest I am not sure what this one is, but it is likely to plug in here. I can't be absolutely certain but my reference photos suggest this to be the case and there are no other connectors of this type within reach of the cable.
 Here are the oil sensors. The top one is for the Smiths oil gauge and the lower one is the standard Ford sensor for the oil warning light.
 After opening the Emerald ECU box I discovered two more sensors - lucky because I was short of 2. One is the water temp sensor for the ECU and the other the air temp sensor that fits in the plenham. But which one is which? I googled the part number on one to find it was the air sensor (the one on the right), which meant that the one on the right must be the water sensor. Eat your heart out Sherlock.

Here is the water sensor in place on the water rail elbow.

 Here is the air sensor in place on the plenam.

I have no idea what this sensor is. It was already attached to the block, but I don't seem to have a connection for it as part of the GBS loom. Can anyone help?

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