Saturday, 12 January 2013

Inlet Air Control Valve (IACV) and HP Fuel pipes

So cold in the garage this afternoon. Only 1 degree C, so I haven't spent too long with the Zero today. First job was to tidy the wiring loom on the Plenam side of the engine bay now that all the sensors and cables have found a home.

 Next, the fitting of the Inlet Air Control Valve (IACV). I mentioned this a while ago in post Engine - Part 1. I am using a prototype IACV mounting bracket from GBS that I have decided to mount on the coil pack bracket. This seems a convenient place as it is close to the IACV output on the new plenham. I think it fits quite neatly here. As this is yet to be fully integrated into the GBS wiring loom I have also added some cable and connectors which I will run to the ECU.
Finally today (getting really cold now) I completed the high pressure fuel circuit from the fuel pump to the fuel rail inlet and from the fuel regulator back to the swirl pot. For the fuel regulator back to the swirl pot, I choose a route over the plenam and along the chassis rail and cable tied it down. 

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